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Morleys pigeons facing death sentence after cull proposed

31/10/2011 Davy Deckers Categorie: English Corner

MORLEYS pigeons are facing a death sentence after councillors agreed to a cull as a last resort to rid the town centre of the birds.

MORLEY’S pigeons are facing a death sentence after councillors agreed to a cull as a last resort to rid the town centre of the birds.

Morley officials have put up signs around the town to ask people not to feed the pigeons. The council is considering culling them because they're becoming such a problem. John Whitehead and Julie Barker fix one of the signs to a tree. (d25101147)

The drastic step is set to be taken after repeated pleas to stop people encouraging them into town by feeding failed.

People persistently feeding the birds around Windsor Court Precinct has seen huge numbers gather and nest around Morley Town Hall, causing thousands of pounds of damage.

Pigeon droppings have blocked drains causing flood damage, with the last bill amounting to £50,000 to repair a ceiling collapse.

As a final resort Morley Town Council is now looking to take the step of having the birds trapped and killed to diminish their number.

Coun Paul Cook, chairman of the Finance and General Purposes Committee on Morley Town Council, which has taken the decision, said: “People are not taking any notice of warnings not to feed the pigeons and unfortunately the problem is now massive and it’s got to the point where something just has to be done.

“It’s apparent that the most effective measure is the thinning of the numbers.

“They’re making a terrible mess, causing thousands of pounds of damage and they can spread disease.

“I’m an animal lover - I do not want to have to kill any animals but if people refuse to listen to us then we just don’t have any choice.”

Members of Morley Town Council were out in the precinct yesterday morning putting up posters warning people of the dangers of feeding the pigeons.

Coun Cook said what many didn’t realise what that dropping food was seen as an act of littering and could result in a fine.

“To drop food is an offence in itself and we have asked the litter wardens to watch out for it happening but unfortunately most people feed them really early in the morning.

“But nothing seems to deter some people - we have been telling them for years now not to feed them and they just do not listen.

“We really don’t want to go down this road (of culling) but refurbishment work is starting on the town hall which will cost millions and we cannot afford for this to carry on.”

Coun Cook said the town council did want to hear people’s views on the plan and they were prepared to listen to them.

“It’s part of living in a democracy and we will listen to people and we will discuss this with them.”

Shoppers in Morley town centre this week agreed the pigeons were a problem but some thought a cull was a step too far.

One, Norma Barnes of Morley, said killing the birds didn’t seem fair.

“It is hard if it is costing money but surely they will just get more coming back I would have thought,” she said.

Colin Randall from Wakefield said he also didn’t agree with a cull.

“It’s a bit cruel to kill them. I don’t think it is a problem, personally. I like to see them.”

Rebecca Ghiloni, manager of Boots in the precinct, said the birds didn’t effect the store as it had anti-pigeon spikes fitted.

“I can see that they’re a nuisance but the spikes do a good job. A pigeon cull does seem a bit extreme,” she said.

Source: Morley Observer & Advertiser

Tags: cull, death, morley, uk


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