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'Whithering Hope Star' wins the NEHU Bourges

25/06/2012 SF / DD Categorie: English Corner

'Whithering Hope Star' wins the NEHU Bourges Classic after 12 hours & 13 minutes on the wing from 559 miles and 811 yards.

'Whithering Hope Star' wins the NEHU Bourges Classic after 12 hours & 13 minutes on the wing from 559 miles and 811 yards.

Nestled in the heart of the former South East Durham coal fields lies the village of Easington Colliery, it is to this location (which provided the backdrop for the film Billy Elliot) that the latest winner of the NEHU Bourges Classic returned for his proud owner Jackie Shafto.

Named "Whithering Hope Star" after the allotment site where Jackie's loft is situated, he has made a star of himself and his owner and goes into the record books of the NEHU & UNC from Bourges.

After 12 hours and 13 minutes he raced home to his typical allotment loft which over looks the "Miners Welfare" to the South and has an amazing view to the Coastal towns of Hartlepool and further away Saltburn and the cliff's to the South East, it is a great spot to fly pigeons into when the weather is good, but certainly not for the faint hearted when there is East in the wind and a "sea fret" kicks in.

Jackie's interest lies in the Combine & NEHU Classic races and as such his small team of widowhood cocks are prepared using the earlier Inland programme as and when it is felt necessary to get them ready for the real target. Based upon upon Karel Hermans/Janssen & Van Loon bloodlines they can rightly be described as Shafto's as he has created a team of pigeons that are at home in the North East and are formidable competitors when racing from France. Check through the NEHU open results from Bourges for the past seasons and the name J Shafto regularly occurs and notice of intent for the 2012 Bourges race was served 14 days prior to Bourges from Clermont when 24th, 54th & 74th UNC was taken from 6,048 pigeons at a distance of 407 miles from an entry of 5 widowhood cocks.

Jackie Shafto and Stu Fawcett

On verification his club mate confirmed the pigeons lifted the weekend before Clermont and were exercising exceptionally well and appeared to step up a gear which has been confirmed at the last two channel races.

Congratulations again Jackie.

1st J Shafto - South East Durham Fed (UNC) 1342.7 ypm

2nd Stobbs Bros & Mosey - Consett Fed (WDA) 1340.0 ypm

3rd Open is to close to call at the moment.


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24/05/2012 Bourges: Persbericht BRABANTSE UNIE
13/04/2012 Louis Bellen uit Halen
17/12/2011 Happy end voor Johan Bleyen uit Lommel
14/09/2011 Bourges Nationaal jeugd & beginnelingen resultaat
6/09/2011 Bart en Nance Van Oeckel (Oud-Turnhout) 5e nationaal La Souterraine oude met de 'den Harde'
6/09/2011 Bart en Nance Van Oeckel (Oud-Turnhout) 4e nationaal La Souterraine oude met de 'Golden Lady'
6/09/2011 Bart en Nance Van Oeckel (Oud-Turnhout) 1-4-5-18-21-22e Nationaal La Souterraine oude
31/08/2011 Bart en Nance Van Oeckel (Oud-Turnhout) 1e nationaal La Souterraine oude met de 'F-16'
24/08/2011 NATIONALE BOURGES(31.719 jonge duiven) ONDER DE LOEP.
23/08/2011 Edwin Verstappen (Booischot) 1ste provinciaal Bourges 06/08 jaarse
16/08/2011 Albert Wils & Ronny Faes (Mol) 1ste provinciaal Bourges II jaarse
15/08/2011 Kevin en Nick Ceulemans (Booischot) 1ste provinciaal Bourges 06/08 jonge
11/08/2011 Bourges II Antwerpen (30/07/2011) - onder de loep
11/08/2011 Marina Van De Velde (Grobbendonk) 1ste provinciaal Bourges II 4.555 jonge
8/08/2011 Bourges 6 augustus provinicie Antwerpen
7/08/2011 Bourges Interprovinciaal: aanmeldingen
7/08/2011 Nabeschouwingen Bourges Nationaal in Oost Vlaanderen
6/08/2011 Bourges Brabantse Unie
6/08/2011 Luc Van Mechelen (Oud-Turnhout) 1ste provinciaal Bourges II oude
2/08/2011 Bourges Nationaal: uitslagen
1/08/2011 Andr Allemeersch (Pottes): Sterk op Bourges... maar...
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31/07/2011 Bourges: 2 nationale zeges in Limburg
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12/07/2011 Dubbeling voor de jeugd en de beginnelingen - Bourges 30/07/2011
11/07/2011 Genemuiden: Arjan Beens maakt gehakt concurentie op Montpellier
15/06/2011 Johan Bleyen uit Lommel: stuntwerk op Bourges en Chateauroux
3/06/2011 Rik Hermans (PUlle) 1ste nationaal Bourges oude duiven
3/06/2011 Jan Van Oeckel (Oud-Turnhout) 1ste nationaal Bourges jaarse duiven
2/06/2011 De Olympiadeduif Miss Poznan van Bart & Nance Van Oeckel (Oud-Turnhout)
28/12/2010 Andr Moonens (Strombeek-Belgique)
23/11/2010 Pigeon fanciers descend on South Shields
11/09/2010 Guy Staes (Berlaar) 8ste oude + 8ste jaarse provinciaal Argenton 09/08, 6de oude + 7 & 10de jaarse provinciaal Bourges 31/07
28/08/2010 Sittner-Premier UK: 2 provinciale zeges in 2010
23/08/2010 Jos Verberck (Nijlen) 1ste provinciaal Bourges 31/07 jaarse duiven
5/08/2010 Vleugels-Wuyts (Geel) 1ste provinciaal Bourges 31/07 jonge duiven
5/08/2010 Marcel Van Oosterwijck (Rijmenam) 1ste provinciaal Bourges II 24/07 jaarse duiven
5/08/2010 Johan Donckers (Grobbendonk) 1ste provinciaal Bourges II 24/07 jonge duiven
30/07/2010 Andr Moonens (Strombeek) wint Bourges Nationaal
28/07/2010 55.565 pigeons lchs vers la Belgique
26/05/2010 Luc Van Mechelen (Oud-Turnhout): Provinciale winnaar tegen 3471 oude duiven
23/05/2010 Gaston Van De Wouwer (Berlaar) wint 2 nationaals op rij
5/08/2009 Gunter Gijsen (Berlaar) 1e prov Bourges